The sunsets of sand glisten in the
ever-darkening sky.
The warmth

Wind glides over the
hardy dunes;
an inescapable thought sailing
past its unreachable dreams.

Look up.

An orange sky giving way to
a starry night;
the Moon opening her arms:

Loneliness is insubstantial –
creatures burrow themselves deeper into the sand,
the sunset sand,
to stay warm during the cold of the night.
The Gods patrol the sky above:
observing, protecting, governing.
A soldier that is never off

Never alone.

A chill creeps in
just as the Sun bids, “Adieu!”
A silence as black as the
sand itself.

Slowly, light floods in from above –
a silvery sheen of pure radiance.
It’s time for the
sand of moonlight to shine.

It has been a while since I’ve uploaded – I’m sorry about that. I have been super busy with school work, especially since the increase in my work load, and thus I slowly stopped posting. Now, however, I promise to try to post more poem periodically.

I really enjoyed writing this poem. It started out as a sentence on my computer – one that had been ignored for almost a week now. I had just finished a part of my school project when I began writing more. A wave of creativity and imagination swept my mind, and thus erupted this poem. I hope you enjoy it. Happy new year. – Rudy, 2020

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