The War

Doors are closing,

Everything is decomposing,

All things must come to an end.

Trees are falling,

Humans are brawling, like tiny

Insects crushed by your shoe.

Several bombs drop

Onto the unsuspecting civilians

Now, they exist no-more, and they’ve

Let go of their pain.

Your mother was trapped underneath debris

Thoughts of losing you

Haunting her mind,

Ensuring her survival against all odds.

Brothers fight against each other,

Exterminating everything in their sight.

Grass has turned red from blood,

Illuminating in the incandescent moonlight.

“Now the war is about to end” they say while

Never making eye contact,

Inside their well protected base they

Nod to each other and resume the unknown


I wrote this poem in Year 10 as a task during our English lesson. I find this poem quite thoughtful because the first letter of each line, when combined, spells out “Death is only the beginning”, one of my favorite phrases. – Rudy

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